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Piper and Ferguson Talk Capaldi and LSD

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this is a collection of all the ninerose/tenrose highschool au art i’ve done so far by request but there’s probs gonna be lots more because i’ve been getting a lot of requests to make more with lots of new ideas

soooo…yeah. requests are still open!

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This is definitely in my list of the most adorable things in the world.

Billie gets a little confused and collides with a cyberman, David sees that she got hurt and tries to help!

#ASJDNISKGZHDBGIFOZSDF #with the hands on her hands and the coming up behind her to cradle things that might be hurt FUCK YOUR FCJK HFK (via somethingofthewolf)

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Billie Piper on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (x)

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Billie Piper on Craig Ferguson [x]


Billie Piper is simply adorable, in her cheeky way. It quite a laugh! 



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